• Resources

    Here is a list of resources that can assist you in application process.

    Residents can access an application in two ways: printing out a physical application on the DFCS website (multiple languages available) or filling out an application online. If you have completed a physical form, you must hand deliver, fax or mail it to the Athens-Clarke County DFCS office.

    Clarke County DFCS
    Call the number in the table for general questions or for SNAP verification.
    For all SNAP-related questions, call the Georgia DFCS customer contact center: (877)-423-4746.

    Clarke County's Neighborhood Leaders can assist community members in navigating the application process or connecting with outside resources. You can find the number and email of your location-based leader at this link.

  • Clarke County DFCS
    284 North Ave, Athens, GA 30601
    Phone Number
    (706) 227-7024
    8 a.m–5 p.m. (closed Saturday and Sunday)

Application Process

I've completed my application. What happens next?

After an applicant has hand delivered, faxed or mailed a completed form or submitted one online, they must participate in a phone interview with a case manager at DFCS. This call may come from an unknown number. The case manager will ask questions related to the information provided on the form.

If the applicant misses the call, they must follow up as soon as possible (within 1 to 2 business days).


What you'll need to apply:

Proof of identity (1)

  • ID

  • Birth certificate

  • Driver's license

  • Health benefits or social services ID

  • Voter registration card

  • Military ID

  • Collateral contacts

Proof of Citizen or Immigration Status (1)

  • Birth certificate

  • US passport

  • Immigration papers

  • Certificate of citizenship or naturalization

  • American Indian card

  • Hospital record

Proof of Income (1)

  • Current pay stubs

  • Social Security check

  • Bank statement

  • Pension benefit statement

  • Unemployment award letter

  • Child support payment

Housing and Associated Expenses (1)

  • Rent

  • Mortgage

  • Property tax receipt

  • Utility bills

  • Homeowner insurance

  • Landline or phone bills

  • Childcare receipts

Copy of Medical Expenses (for ages 60+)

  • Medical payment agreement

  • Bills for home healthcare aides or attendants

  • Invoices or receipts for medical equipment

  • Receipts for transportation and lodging to obtain medical treatment

  • Eligibility

    The table is an estimate* of how much yearly or monthly income (before tax) you can earn to qualify. If you are near any of the listed limits, you're highly encouraged to apply. Certain exceptions may exist to each income level.

    * Even if you earn above the income threshold, you are still encouraged to apply.

  • Number of members in household
    Monthly Income


What is SNAP?
SNAP provides benefits low-income individuals and families to purchase eligible food items.

What is WIC?
WIC provides nutrition education and supplemental foods to pregnant, postpartum or breastfeeding mothers of children up to 5 years old.

What can SNAP benefits buy?
All food products except for alcohol, tobacco products, household supplies, non-food items, medicines, vitamins, pet foods, and foods that can be consumed in the store.

What can WIC benefits buy?
Fruits and vegetables, infant and iron-fortified adult cereals, some juices, eggs, soy and cow's milk, cheese, whole grains (brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta), bread and tortillas, peanut butter, dried and canned beans or peas, and canned fish. Many stores will indicate WIC-approved items directly on the shelves.

Where can I spend my SNAP and/or WIC benefits?
In most grocery stores, convenience stores, farmers markets, or other locations that sell ice, water, food, and plants/seeds for growing food.

How do I access my SNAP and/or WIC benefits?
An EBT card will be mailed to applicants to purchase items, similar to using a debit card. The card receives benefits between the 5th and 23rd of each month.

How long do SNAP benefits last? When should I re-register?
SNAP is renewed periodically. Applicants will receive a letter each month that includes follow-up actions with DFCS.

How do I renew my SNAP?
Submit the renewal letter mailed by DFCS or complete the appropriate form under the 'Renew My Benefits' tab at A phone interview and re-verification of income may be required.

I am undocumented. Am I eligible for SNAP?
No. Documented immigrants are eligible for SNAP benefits after living in the U.S. for 5 years.