Below is a checklist of each form of documentation that an applicant is required to submit with their application. An applicant must provide at least one or more forms of documentation.


Proof of Identity (1)

  • ID

  • Birth certificate

  • Driver's license

  • Health benefits or social services

  • Voter registration card

  • Military ID

  • Collateral contacts

Proof of Citizen or Immigration
Status (1)

  • Birth certificate

  • US passport

  • Immigration papers

  • Certificate of citizenship or naturalization

  • American Indian card

  • Hospital record

Proof of Income (1)

  • Current pay stubs

  • Social Security check

  • Bank statement

  • Pension benefit statement

  • Unemployment award letter

  • Child support payment

Housing and Associated
Expenses (1)

  • Rent

  • Mortgage

  • Property tax receipt

  • Utility bills

  • Homeowner insurance

  • Landline or phone bills

  • Childcare receipts

Copy of Medical
Expenses (for ages 60+)

  • Medical payment agreement

  • Bills for home healthcare aides or attendants

  • Invoices or receipts for medical equipment

  • Receipts for transportation and lodging to obtain medical treatment

Additional Information

  • I have the full names of each member living in the household.

  • I have proof of all sources of income for everyone living in the household.

  • I have determined the best way to submit any application: online, by mail or in-person.

If submitting in person:
  • I have determined the address of my local DFCS office. (Information can be found on the Food Access Athens Preparation page)

  • I have made arrangements to spend a whole day at the DFCS office.

  • I have made arrangements with my employer to potentially accept a call from a DFCS caseworker during work.